Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year is Here!

So we were supposed to get this big snow storm, 6-12 inches high winds blah blah. OK the winds are here but there is still grass outside.  Dumb weathermen.  Wondering when we are actually going to start getting snow, because if its snowing in April because we had no snow Nov, Dec and Jan I will be very upset.

January means I'm getting closer and closer to closing season at the club.  I'm hoping it also means new year, new budget in Iowa and the City Administrator will give approval to hire.  I really need a big kid job, and I really really need it to be in my field of study before I go insane.  Nothing like paying back student loans that got you nowhere but working at the same place you worked in High School.  I guess on the bright side, unemployment means I get to work on my painting and doing things I want more.

My goal for my shop in 2012 was to add more crochet items to my shop as well as more paintings.  I have added two mittens and have a varigated pair half done that I hope to finish tomorrow.  I have been working on my 7x14 version of the table which I hope to finish tomorrow as well.

I also have been working on my newest custom order and think I have finally figured out what I have been doing wrong!  Tomorrow I plan to fix the water and work on getting a little bit closer to finishing it.  If I am happy with the water by the end of tomorrow I will be a happy camper...maybe I will even post its progress!

Finally I have also been working on a special secret gift...that is taking up so so so much time.  What stinks is since its a secret I cant post about it here, but I am not the best secret keeper...well at least for extended amounts of time...and especially when I am this excited about it and its turning out so good!

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