Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time Flies...

Been crazy busy lately.  I crocheted a few more things and found tons of patterns I would like to do.  I made baby mittens and booties.  The booties I don't really like the pattern and didnt realize that was how they were until after they were made.  So I found another pattern I would like to do sometime.

I also finished a scarf that is a Christmas gift, and have a few paintings I have do to for Christmas orders still.  I just finally drove out to amherst to buy coasters from A.C. Moore since the one in Hamburg still hadn't gotten a new stock of them.  Turned out they had way more sets than I have ever seen in Hamburg but they also were just as crappy.  I had to play mix and match just to find six coasters that weren't warped or cracked.  I couldnt believe that a store would even keep them on the shelves like that.  But Hamburg's store did too, so why was I surprised?  My boyfriend Joe brought it to my attention that they were probably there all summer and when the store went from AC to heat, they got ruined...makes sense.  So anyways, I have the coasters stained and now I have to coat them with gesso before I can begin to put butterflies on them.  I still have the grape light covers that need polyurethane before I can put them on Etsy too.
I have no idea when I'm going to do any of this since I work all week and then Monday I am going to Erie with my best friend Randi for a little Christmas Shopping  (Maybe AC Moore down there will have more things... and no sales tax!)  Tuesday I have to work..which is definitely a change, and then I may be going  to a Sabres game against Ottawa with Joe.  Between all of this and all of the other things I need to do, I have to find time to hang out with my friend Ashley since we are going to crochet queen size blankets.  (Shopping for yarn for that was a whole nother story, two trips to two stores and a headache later we finally have what we need, just need the time to do it!)

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