Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everything is a Process of Trial and Error

Today, as planned, I worked on the beach painting and FINALLY do not hate it.  I just needed to approach it from another direction with a different mind set.  I still am not sure if I like it 100% but for now, this is what I am happy with.  Happy enough to share my progress and laugh at just how far I have come just from take three to take four.  This was take three...Horrible.  Just didn't look right or like water and I couldn't get that one wave to not look disastrous.  Favorite part?  There are still those who say OH its beautiful.  Um its not...and there are those who are honest and say it doesn't look like water.  Of course after awhile hearing all the negative still gets you aggravated and down because you've redid it three times already and it seems more and more apparent that you just cant do any better.

Until you open your mind and approach it from another direction...

 I still think I need to change the placement of their names in the sand.  It is the most important part but I am torn between making it too big and it looking too cheesy or fake and making it too small which it clearly is now.  Before I redo it I want to make sure I know where I want it, and maybe get more opinions
 I really feel like the shore is what makes it actually look like water now.  It is my favorite part

BUT that stupid wave still just doesn't look perfect....

I am going to put it away for today so that I do not burn myself out, I am happy with today's progress and plan to move on to finishing the 7x14 replication of my table in the previous blog post.

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