Friday, December 9, 2011

ONE DAY I will find a happy medium....

I've done it again, I have went from not wanting to paint or do anything to wanting to do it all.  Of course this comes right in the middle of the two busiest weeks at work.  But at least the sabres game next week with Joe is official, which will be fun as well as shopping in Erie with my best friend :).  So there went my days off to work on things :(
In the mean time I have found countless patterns -- half of them I likely will not even get around to until almost summer because there are so many!  Cute little animals, scarfs, baby booties that are actually cute (Ive learned to look at the pattern picture much closer haha)  And if all goes well, I want to add them to my shop online and see what happens!
Another bright side to hopefully getting a shot at the job in Iowa---knowing nobody because I'm 15 hrs from home give me lots of free time to work on projects.  Yeah, Yeah if I get the job I should be out making friends etc, etc. but I'm not too sure that would really be possible...I would likely be working second shift and all other normal people work 9-5.  And how do I know that the person I said hi to, as a girl that would be all alone in another state, isnt a creeper/rapist/serial killer/pyscho? 

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